USATF Membership:
 If your athlete needs a USATF membership please click HERE and enter your athletes info.   You'll need to enter our club       number 488 where it asks. You will also need to email a copy of your athlete's birth certificate (for date of birth             verification) to Bob Flint at  Please include your athlete's name, membership # and NX Level Track Club       as their club in the email.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with this.

 If you are switching from another club you will need to email Bob Flint at and request to change club   affiliations. 


To complete the required registration forms you may either:
 - You can fill out and electronically sign the registration forms then email it to Michelle Rafferty at
- Or you can print, fill out and turn the completed registration forms into Michelle Rafferty at practice.

If you complete the packet electronically, please be sure to save a copy for your reference.  If you print it out, please keep the informational pages for yourself and only turn in the forms.

NX Level Track Registration for 2020